A new Renaissance

In the heart of Tuscany, amid the marble peaks of the Apuan Alps, and a valley with its many watercourses, a broad plain extends southward. Since the thirteenth century, the ancient art of paper-manufacturing has been practiced in this area, known for its rivers and north winds.

In the hands of master paper-manufacturers, the passionate commitment of the work of centuries: skills − and the secrets of a remote past −, handed down from father to son for many generations, contribute to the know-how that we associate with the traditions of yesteryear. These traditions are constantly revived, also in the light of the very latest technological innovations.

Since Renaissance times, the Tuscany region has been home to authenticity, where the region’s natural heritage still abounds in all its beauty.
Here, ethics and aesthetics join forces, and humankind and the environment blend harmoniously, respectfully. Here, amid the Mediaeval and Renaissance quarters and hamlets, time itself moves at a slower pace. A place of enriching community life, of truth and of stories to be told.

A place where, even today, we find the creative capacity to manufacture products that are truly unique. Here, business concerns are like modern versions of the Renaissance crafts workshops of bygone days, in which manual dexterity of thought joins forces with the intelligence of the hand − to produce quality!

All this, we find in the Tuscany brand – a tribute to the beauty of our natural heritage, landscapes and art. The beauty of the talents and passions of people who know how to confer real value upon the things they produce. A tribute to master paper-manufacturers who are familiar with the traditions of centuries and are who are capable of transmitting these traditions to the coming generations.

The Tuscany brand transforms Tuscan water, wind, sunshine and fragrances in order to produce pure cellulose of the very highest quality, to bring to each home the beauty of paper.

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