The Carrara family of master paper-manufacturers

This story begins with the passion and capabilities of the master paper-manufacturers of the Carrara family. Since 1873, the Carrara family has been transforming the water, wind and sunshine of a unique region to produce paper of the highest quality. An unbreakable bond has been established between this family and an ancient craft, the skills of which have been handed down generation after generation. During these 145 years, as a response to events and changing historical and social contexts, the production processes, and the uses to which paper is put, have changed radically


The Carrara family has embraced change. The business started out as a crafts workshop, and went on to become one of Italy’s leading enterprises. All this was made possible by the efforts of generations of master paper-manufacturers who have adopted new leading-edge technologies, without sacrificing the artistry and secrets of past times. Such mastery is the only true and real guarantee for products of the highest quality

A true story, arising out of honesty and respect

An unbreakable bond with the beauty, natural heritage and values of a land that has won the hearts of the peoples of the world − Tuscany. A vocation based on our love of − and respect for − a land and its people. Indeed, only by acting responsibly and synergically with our surroundings will we encounter beauty

Tuscany is a brand of CARTIERE CARRARA S.p.A. – Registered office: V.le S. Lavagnini, 41 – 50129 Firenze (FI), Italia
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